Family History

All research will be tailored to meet your specific requirements. This can vary from just a few minutes work confirming a specific reference and supplying a photocopy to undertaking a full family history as far back as records survive. Alternatively a range of standard family tree packages are available for a fixed price.

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Depending on your requirements, Cathy will search the relevant records that are available and relevant to your request and will report back with her findings, which will give full details of all the records consulted and will include photocopies or digital photographs of relevant documents. For full family history searches a work plan will be agreed and regular reports will be issued to keep you informed of progress. A family tree will also be supplied.

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Sources of information will be consulted as necessary To avoid unnecessary work (and costs!) it is requested that you provide details of any previous research undertaken, including for instance, extracts from relevant birth, marriage and death certificates and information from census returns.

It is often very interesting to put ‘leaves on the tree’ to try and give some indication of the kind of lives your ancestors may have led and if requested, Cathy will also research background information such as details of schools attended, apprenticeships served, provisions of wills and records of attendance at civil and criminal courts. Photographs can be taken of the parish church attended by your ancestors, their homes (assuming they are still standing!) and other relevant places. Recommendations for any future lines of enquiry shall also be given if appropriate which you may either wish to undertake yourself or have commissioned.